Pythaverse Ecosystem

Open technologies and open ecosystem


Teachers, parents and learners as creators, learning activities and learning contents are created in many ways and get structured based on competences-based learning method

Content partners

Knowledge and learning contents are developed everyday and can be put to great use in Pythaverse. Why? Immersive experiences will bring contents to learners naturally and in a personalized way. Currently, content partners in Pythaverse include large public houses from countries like India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam … but also include Web3 content partner like content for virtual lab, themed parks…


Schools and teachers deserve to have better digital learning platform to support their hard work. We rely on our Educators partner to continuously fine tune the Pythaverse to work better for Educator’s needs. We hope more educators like you will join us.

Technology partners

Open technologies is a great way for us to work together. Pythaverse is open and we love to partner with you to bring your technologies to large community of Educators and Learners. Especially Web3 technologies including VR/AR, A.I, IoT …