Pythaverse at the event “?????????? ???????????? ????????: ????? ???? & ?????????? ???????”

On 8th Nov 2023, the event “?????????? ???????????? ????????: ????? ???? & ?????????? ???????” was held at Multimedia University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event was organized by the Kuala Lumpur State Education Department (JPWPKL) and focused on expert presentations about educational trends and updates on education management methods in the digital age.

Numerous dynamic activities took place, including professional speeches, Power Talk discussions, certificate presentations, and a midday prayer break.

Pythaverse representatives participated in the event and contributed to a presentation delivered by Mr. Trung Nguyen, Chairman of the Board of Directors. He introduced the digital education technology developed by Pythaverse, which is currently benefiting over 30,000 Southeast Asian students every day, enhancing their STEM skills, global competencies, and passion for science, technology.

The event was highly successful and drew the attention of more than 300 school principals and education managers in Malaysia.

On this occasion, Pythaverse also organized diverse experiential activities featuring STEM Robotics Leanbot, which boasts advanced technological features like Digital Twin and learning in the Metaverse.

We hope that educators will continue to enhance valuable knowledge-sharing activities like this.

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