Exceptional team of advisors with diverse expertise and backgrounds. Our advisors bring extensive knowledge in various fields, including neuroscience, digital technology, education, and literacy.

Tan Le

Technology Entrepreneur

CEO of EMOTIV. Non Executive Director at QBE Insurance Group. Author of “The NeuroGeneration”. Member of Global Future Council on Neurotechnologies at World Economic Forum.

Yun Ta Chun

Perspective Educator

Perspective Educator

Visionary digital technology leaders.

Educator, entrepreneur, once Chief Signal Officer of the Singapore Army. From applying IT in large scale C4I systems, he has moved on to Technology of Thinking in ideation, experience preservation and perspective generation.

EH Lim

STEM Education Leader

Entrepreneur, Leader in SEA STEM education. Chairman of Eduspec & 5T3M. Corporate transformation strategist.

Nguyen Q Thach

Social Entrerpreneur

Unesco Literacy Award Winner for revolutionizing books reading in Vietnam, 2016.

The Library of Congress Literacy Awards, USA, 2017.

Chairman of Book for rural areas of Vietnam

Long Dao


IMO Gold Medalist ( 1994,1995);

Professor, The University of Kansas. Pioneer in bringing mathematical thinking to everyone

Product Team.

Our team consists of exceptional individuals with impressive backgrounds in technology and education. Our expertise and experience make us well-equipped to develop Pythaverse to be the leading next generation digital learning platform.

Trung Nguyen

CEO & Product Manager

IMO Silver Medalist in 1995. Bsc. UTS, Sydney. Member of the National Committee on Digital Transformation taskforce, Vietnam. Combining mastery of the latest technology and market understanding.

Giang Duong

Technology Lead

Enterprise software and system tech lead for 15 years. Expert in latest AI & Metaverse technologies and active in open source communities

William L.

Learning Lead

Established STEM teacher training system and learning content development in Asia, taught countless STEM educators, and established a network of regional master trainers.

Trung Ho

Design Lead

Creator of first of its kind IQ Islands MMORGP game for kids educational game in 2012 – 2016. Vast experience in creative design, game and content development in Australia

Quang Dinh

Digital Twin Lead

Maker, Engineer, Designer with embedded system, open hardware, IoT. Academic and industry experience in the US, Australia, Vietnam.