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? Malaysian students are eagerly welcoming the return of the National Robothon this September. The competition is aligned with Malaysia’s Ministry of Education’s digital education programs and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) initiatives.

This marks the 19th edition of Malaysia’s National Robothon, with the aim of promoting innovation and nurturing talent in the field of robotics to tackle real-world challenges.

This vibrant competition is proudly organized by the 5T3M Academy, innovative education experts from Leanbot, Pythaverse and Lenovo Malaysia.

Under the theme “Second Earth: Space Exploration,” participants will embark on an exciting journey, utilizing robots in building settlements and harnessing natural resources in simulated space environments. Challenges encompass various aspects such as food production, construction, energy generation, transportation, communication, and life support systems.

The winners will not only earn prestigious titles but will also represent Malaysia in the International Robothon 2024 in Thailand!

Mark your calendars and get ready to join us in this thrilling robotics talent competition! ??

Source: Parenthood Magazine, Malaysia

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