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Pythaverse is the Open and sustainable multiverse of Knowledge that offer immersive Digital Learning experience for Global competencies and STEM skills

Personal verse

Digital YOU private space, a hub to all of your digital assets and activities. Learning Journey is recorded here for past, present and future. Share to your family and friends. All at your control.

Class verse

Structured Immersive learning environment. Created by Educators. Learner avatars gather together to explore, learn and collaborate.

Common verse

Explore and join public events and spaces. See your own achievements in gallery, reading books from libraries, play to learn in the themed parks.

Latest news and blogs

Catch up with Pythaverse updates

Pythaverse releases CoCreate Framework

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, where technology plays a pivotal role, the Pythaverse CoCreate Framework stands out as a groundbreaking innovation. This framework is much more than a mere educational tool; it’s a transformative approach designed to bridge the current gaps in educational practices and meet the challenges of a technology-driven future.

National Robothon NROC has kicked off today in Malaysia

National Robothon NROC has kicked off today with 155 teams from across the country’s 10 provinces enthusiastically participating, including 30 teams from primary schools and 125 teams from high schools. The event is organized by 5T3M, @Pythaverse’s Malaysia Distributor and took place in Johor Bahru.

Pythaverse at the event “?????????? ???????????? ????????: ????? ???? & ?????????? ???????”

On 8th Nov 2023, the event “?????????? ???????????? ????????: ????? ???? & ?????????? ???????” was held at Multimedia University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event was organized by the Kuala Lumpur State Education Department (JPWPKL) and focused on expert presentations about educational trends and updates on education management methods in the digital age.

Getting Started With Pythaverse

Pythaverse is an open and safe gameful digital learning platform aim to provide players/learners with global competences and STEM skills. Players/ Learners can analyze, design and build solution for SDGs linked problem together in virtual classes, and explore digital twin worlds. Teachers / Creators create problem-based learning activities in virtual world environment with structured competences-based learning. Discover how Pythaverse can apply to self-based learning, class-based learning.

Pythaverse Ecosystem

Open technologies, open resources enable many partner applications to empower creators and learners

Account and Login

Get your account and login to Pythaverse ( by Invitation only).


Explore community of partners, creators, learners with case studies, public events and updates.

Learning resources

Courses, Learning activities. Teaching guides. Virtual assets.

Who we are

Explore and build the sustainable knowledge multiverse

Teachers as creators, learners as creators, parents as creators. We can all exploit the latest open technologies platform to design and do sustainable solution in the Multiverse that will also be applied for our physical livings.

Learn & grow

Every activity is learning. Every time you learn you grow your competences and assets.

Q1 2023 / 100%

Pythaverse Ecosystem release

Technologies partners, content partners work together to empower schools, teachers, parents and LEARNERS to a true DIGITAL LEARNING experience that enable everyone to contribute to a more sustainable GLOBE.

Q2 2023 / 50%

Launch Intro to sustainable multiverse

Complete learning experiences ready for everyone to explore and learn about sustainable multiverse that links to SDGs, following Design thinking process and Learning by doing practice. Experience first of its kind Digital twin learning experience. Open by invitation to learners around the region.

Q3 2023/ 25%

Creators studio and exchange

Powered by open tools and A.I, creators can build immersive learning activities with ease. Publish your resources and earn from online classes anytime, anywhere.

Q3 2023/ 25%

Creator Economy release

Attend public event such as Robothon competition, Math contest. Roam and experience virtual galleries. Virtual excursion. Save and exchange digital assets in the Exchange hub with Web3 technology

Let’s build the future of digital learning multiverse together

Digital learning is not just another online learning but a whole new way of build and share knowledge in a structured manner with immersive learning anywhere we are.

Immersive learning

Digital YOU learning for a better Future YOU

Solid Community

Everyone is knowledge creators, educators empower and facilitate but only a solid community can make it sustainable.

Creators Economy

Create to earn, when learners earn their competences and grow, creators have the economic share that will fuel more creativity.

Immerse and Sustain

Immsersive learning for a sustainable future



Frequently Ask Questions

Pythaverse is for everyone. For children that are already learning and gaming, we would like to offer an alternative experience where learning is fun and secured, however for children less than 10 years old, we recommend parents to co-join the activities

At the moment, it's by invitation only, please register with us and we will get back to you soonest. We do have many schools in South East Asia joining us, so please check with your or your children school for school invited accounts.

There are always free things you can get from Pythaverse, especially from the Common verse. For classes and contents that created by creators you can pay per use or use your subscription.

At the moment Pythaverse is all in English, however contents are created in other languages as well like Vietnamese, Bahasa, Mandarin...

No, all you need is a computer with Internet browser, Pythaverse is lightweight and easy to use, its VR/AR version is a complementary not compulsary

Some of our


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